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Let all peoples join for a worldwide drumming!

As we enter the global climate summit, people around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, are invited to join in sacred drumming and make resonate the connection between All Beings and Mother Earth, on Sunday afternoon, 6 December 2015, in the heart oudside of Paris.

Let’s gather in joy and in peace to celebrate Mother Earth and the sacredness of All Life!

Where and when in Paris?

    • Meeting at 1 pm on the forecourt of the Institut du Monde Arabe : 1 rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard 75005 Paris, metro Jussieu or Sully-Morland
  • We will then go for a slow procession, punctuated by the gentle resonance of the drums, led by professional coaches and volunteers from around the world; via pedestrians quays along the river Seine towards the square facing Notre Dame. There, we will be welcoming Indigenous Peoples and other Wisdom Keepers coming from the Voices4MotherEarth – World Wisdom Gathering near Paris and join in a sacred ceremony in which they will present their messages to the world. Indigenous youth will perform songs. There will be children. A Ceremonial Drum, placed in front of Notre Dame, will be vibrating the gentle heartbeat of Mother Earth during the entire climate summit.
  • Back to Jussieu, around 5 pm, where we scatter.

How can I join from other parts of the world?

Anywhere in the world, people are invited to join in joy and peace to celebrate Mother Earth with your own local sacred drumming, or with your good thoughts, prayers or sacred fires at any time during Sunday 6 December 2015.