From 1 to 5 December 2015 some thirty outstanding Wisdom Keepers from around the world – elders and grandmothers of Indigenous Peoples, spiritual leaders, scientists, economists, artists, youth and more – will gather in the Voices4MotherEarth – World Wisdom Gathering just outside Paris. This will be a process of deep listening and sharing of ancient wisdom and natural laws to unfold a clear, unified and unprecedented vision and new paradigm for humanity in harmony and balance with Mother Earth.

On the 6th of December, the Wisdom Keepers will bring their vision and messages in a ceremonial way to the world, from the heart of Paris. A place surrounded by the water of the Seine on Île de la Cité in front of the Notre Dame has been chosen for this Ceremony4MotherEarth. Indigenous youth will perform songs. There will be children. Some wisdom Keepers will arrive in Indigenous canoes and at their arrival will be welcomed by a procession of drummers who will walk next to the Seine to the Notre-Dame-de-Paris. on our live stream channel.

A Ceremonial Drum, placed in front of Notre Dame, will be vibrating the gentle heartbeat of Mother Earth during the entire climate summit. This will be supported by a procession of sacred drumming resonating the connection between All Beings and Mother Earth.

All peoples around the world are invited to support the Indigenous Peoples and other Wisdom Keepers with prayers, meditation, sacred drumming, sacred fires, good thoughts.

This call for ceremonies follows a call for a Ceremonial Journey to Paris by elders of the Indigenous Alifuru people which was delivered earlier in 2015.

You can also join us in Paris on Sunday the 6th of December
  • Meeting for the drumming procession to the Notre Dame at 1 pm on the forecourt of the Institut du Monde Arabe : 1 rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard 75005 Paris, metro Jussieu or Sully-Morland. Back to Jussieu, around 5 pm, where we scatter.
  • Or meet at 2 pm for the Ceremony4MotherEarth at the Notre-Dame-de-Paris