At the end of this year, world leaders will have an opportunity to take the decisions needed to stop the ongoing destruction of nature and to restore the balance of life on Mother Earth when they will gather at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), in Paris, France, from 30 November to 11 December.

But so far, world leaders have collectively not been able to put people, planet and peace before power and profit. As a consequence, humanity has arrived at the edge of total catastrophe. We have come to a critical cross-road. We are in desperate need of a collective transformation in consciousness, a paradigm shift enabling us to restore the balance between Humanity and Mother Earth.

For decades indigenous peoples have shared at the world stages their observations, concerns, ancient teachings and prophecies about the pollution, degradation and destruction of life on earth and called the world to take care of all things that support life.

But the voices of indigenous peoples have been largely ignored, and their lands taken and degraded. Even today they find themselves at the forefront of protecting rivers, forests and land. Indigenous Peoples have proven to be good caretakers of Mother Earth as their territories belong to the most biodiverse areas in the world. Ceremonies are their sacred way to maintain the balance with all that is living.

The last words of Dale Thomas – Nowaten, the one who listens – Spiritual Leader of the Ojibway Three Fire Tribes, were: ‘It’s going to get worse, unless men will embrace the Ceremonies’.

Therefore, Indigenous Peoples, their Elders, their New Generation, were invited to take the lead on a Ceremonial Journey to Paris – starting with Ceremonial Gatherings, with Sacred Fires and Sacred Drumming, bringing out the heartbeat of Mother Earth in all four corners of the Earth, on the same day, same time, the solstice of June 21, 2015.

This Call for Ceremony was sent to key indigenous peoples’ organizations and contacts and was shared at the UN Permanent Forum  in NY in April 2015. Many ceremonies took place around the world on June 21st 2015. The ceremonial Journey to Paris continues.

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